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Our Story

Our Story

We are the guardians of a wonderful heritage that carries the mysterious stories of history in its texture, and the miracle ambassadors that enable humanity to meet these beauties and embark on the most exciting journey of their life…

To provide you with the most special accommodation experience of your life in unique 30 rooms where cave formations and stone structures meet; from the heart of Cappadocia, we watch the summit of Erciyes, feel the life overlooking Ortahisar Castle, and help you forget the past and stop thinking about the future in the view of İshak Castle.

In Minia Cave Hotel, where Cappadocia, which has hosted countless civilizations for millions of years, flourishes; we are waiting for you to witness the beauties of the underground, the miracles of nature and the unique dreams turned into works of art.

We are in the heart of Cappadocia

We are in the town of Ortahisar, in the center of Cappadocia, at the closest distance to everything you want to see, and which will impress you with its unspoiled texture when you leave the door.

We are neighbors of Ortahisar Castle, Turkey's largest fairy chimney, in the middle of historical testimonies in Cappadocia, which was formed sixty million years ago.

When you go one step beyond Ortahisar Town, you can easily discover other eye-catching spots of Cappadocia.

How Close is Minia Cave Hotel? 

Ortahisar Castle 232 m
Kızılçukur 3 km
Göreme Open Air Museum 4 km 
Ürgüp 5 km
Göreme 6 km
Uçhisar 8 km
Güvercinlik Vally 9 km
Nevşehir City Center 13 km
Zelve 14 km
Çavuşin 16 km
Avanos 18 km
Kaymaklı Underground City 30 km
Nevşehir Airport 35 km
Derinkuyu Underground City 41 km
Kayseri Airport 70 km

Why should you stay in Ortahisar?

From fairy chimneys to underground cities, from hot air balloon experience to valley walks, Cappadocia is like a fairy tale land with its unique natural beauties. It is very important for you to stay in Ortahisar, where Minia Cave Hotel is located, in order to live this unique experience to the fullest.

The important settlements of Cappadocia, which has hosted dozens of civilizations, have survived to the present day and main their continuity. Uçhisar, Göreme, Ortahisar and Ürgüp, where excursion routes are prepared and which are located between Nevşehir city center and Kayseri, are called touristic Cappadocia and are settlement areas close to each other. Ortahisar, which is right in the middle of all these, offers an important opportunity for you not to spend a significant part of your holiday on the roads, with its proximity to all sightseeing points. Especially after waking up with the view of Ortahisar Castle, known as the biggest fairy chimney, you can greet the balloons in the sky. When the evening hours come, you can send the sun off with a unique ceremony in Kızılvadi, which is only a few kilometers away.

Perhaps the most important feature that makes Ortahisar so unique is that it allows you to feel its soul deeply with its unspoiled texture. Because the village center, which reflects the historical texture and spirit of this place, is a point where the life of the region can be witnessed directly. This charming town, which houses the Ortahisar Castle as well as the İshak Castle, makes it possible to explore the ethnography museum as well as dozens of churches in the surrounding valleys.

After your castle visits, you should keep in mind that while determining your travel route, there are walking tours that allow you to visit the village of İbrahimpaşa by offering the opportunity to walk in the Balkan Valley. If walking is not for you, you can also join a bicycle tour or balloon tours. Or you can move towards the hill where you can watch the panoramic view of Ortahisar, and from there you can go towards Pancarlık and Üzengi valley. You can also have the opportunity to see many churches in these valleys such as Pancarlık, Sarıca, Cambazlı. We would also like to remind you that there are ATV or Jepp Safari tours in these regions.

There are dozens of churches around Ortahisar that you can visit. Hallaç Church right next to the center is one of them. This monastery, which belongs to the 11th century, is also known as the "Hospital Monastery" because its monks treated the people of the region against diseases.

In order to experience Cappadocia in depth, to start exploring from its center, which is right in the middle of the region will offer you great advantages. First, you can quickly and easily experience the area where you are staying, and then you can take action towards the depths of Cappadocia.

You can combine your holiday with unmatched comfort by staying at Minia Cave Hotel, located in the center of Ortahisar, where you will enjoy the view of Ishak Castle and Ortahisar Castle. So you can reward yourself in this way after the tiredness of the day. We are always happy and pleased to welcome you, our valued guests.