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With Minia Cave Hotel, you enjoyed the silence, peace and scenery, but how about exploring the depths of Cappadocia for more?

Are you ready to witness the perfect views from the sky in the balloons that are the subject of fairy tales, among the fairy chimneys, which are miracles of nature, with events and opportunities specially prepared for you, our valued guests?

With exciting adventure activities, ATV and Jeep safaris, you can discover the fascinating views of nature for thousands of years, and you can tour the Cappadocia valleys on horseback. You can relieve the tiredness of the day by visiting the Turkish Bath, be a part of the famous Turkish Night, and go on a journey within yourself with the Dervish show. You can sweeten your mouth with the wines you will taste special to the region and you can dive into the panoramic views of Cappadocia with a Nostalgic car tour.

When you have such a geography, do not look for happiness far away, plan your journey to Ortahisar, the heart of Cappadocia, and experience enjoyable activities.

Rent a Car

If you want to explore Cappadocia on your own and roam freely, we offer you the most suitable car rental options. If you want to be in Cappadocia for exciting and unforgettable experiences, contact us and we will plan all the remaining preparations for you.


Horse Tour

Would it be okay to come to the Land of Beautiful Horses and return without riding? Is it possible not to admire the view while on horseback in these ancient lands, where horseshoes have been driven for thousands of years? Those who once participate in this pleasant journey accompanied by specially trained walking horses come back to Cappadocia just for this special experience.


ATV & Jeep Safari

You can discover thousands of years of fascinating views of Cappadocia with ATV and Jeep safaris, which are among the exciting adventure activities. You can either embark on an adrenaline-filled journey between rough terrains and fairy chimneys with off-road vehicles accompanied by professional drivers with Jeep Safari or you can meet the sunset with an ATV tour that will bring the dust into the smoke!


Region Tours

You can get to know Cappadocia better by participating in our tours that will take place with the group or just for you, in the travel region you choose. With regional tours with licensed guides, you can explore the history and importance of every point you step on.


Dervish Show

You will embark on a journey towards your inner world in the magical atmosphere of Cappadocia, in the lands that are the source of Mevlevi, with the dervish show, and you will feel the understanding of Mevlana embracing all humanity in your heart. Come, whatever you are, come again.


Nostalgic Car Tour

With the Nostalgic vehicle tour in Cappadocia, you can both visit the region and take many photos to commemorate the day. How nice it would be to tour Cappadocia with a nostalgic vehicle as the balloons slowly rise at sunrise...


Turkish Night

As a part of the famous Turkish Night, which is held in Cappadocia with care, you can enjoy our culture and get to know our culture closely with this special night decorated with Turkish culture and traditions with food, fun and plenty of dancing. Make your unique holiday fun and enjoyable!


Valley and Underground Cities Tours

A tour awaits you in the magnificent valleys of Cappadocia, which was formed by the erosion of tuff rocks by wind and rain for millions of years. You can explore the open-air museums and magnificent nature of Cappadocia, the land of valleys, under the deep blue sky. On the one hand, the valley tour, where you can get to know the nature of Cappadocia, the land of valleys, and on the other hand, you will witness the perfection of the city and enjoy the taste of discovery with the underground city tour established dozens of floors below the ground.



How about watching the magnificent view of Cappadocia from the sky, full of adrenaline? An exciting experience awaits you with your paragliding flight, led by a professional pilot accompanying you.